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R7 (which contains bracketed text in paragraph 1 related to the possible endorsement of the updated Appendix 3 to the WHO Global NCD Action Plan), WHO is convening an information session for Member States on 24 April 2017.repository enabled, there’s a chance you may run into issues with more than one update: the same recovery steps should work each time.There’s a rather subtle and tricky bug in libdb (the database that RPM uses) which has been causing problems with upgrades from Fedora 24/25 to Fedora 26. Apparently, they love OKCupid and Tinder just as much as they love Twitter. You spend 15 minutes going down a Google rabbit hole typing in a person's first name, college and current city, only to Linked In-stalk 12 strangers who aren't the person you've been messaging with. Every time you go on a first date you have a slight fear that you will be kidnapped and/or chopped into little pieces, prompting you to designate a friend to alert law enforcement should you fail to text after three hours. People who include their Instagram profiles in their Tinder bios to get more followers.It can take i Tunes up to two weeks to accept a feed to the i Tunes store.