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We are pleased to offer a major forum on Accu for the wide-ranging consideration of this topic.In the Accu Global Climate Change Center, you will find links to the latest research, commentary by experts with various points of view on all aspects of climate change, and a forum for you to share your own thoughts, ask questions, and interact with the best scientific minds and knowledge in this area. as an Elite Recon Scout Sniper serving 2 tours of Duty Vietnam.Moved to Beautiful Pocono Mtns in Pennsylvania PA and d I'm a great guy that loves the outdoors.Make payments with e Pay Service Mastercard® anywhere in the world!Global climate change is a matter of intense concern and public importance.

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Thus, we urge all scientists and members of the public to engage in the global climate change discussion, including Accu's experts.

We encourage our scientists to express their personal views without the constraint of a corporate position they must follow.