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The tagline is the sales hook, the most compelling message on your home page and often the starting point in your Website’s conversion strategy.To learn more about website taglines and how to write a tagline that works, read “Winning the Website War” toady.These taglines are directed to travelers during peak seasons to take a vacation and get away to some of top tourist spots around the world. Seven Miles from Sydney, a Thousand Miles from Care…

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And many times, a sequel's tagline will only add the word: "again" to the previous film's tagline, i.e., was at the pinnacle of their list: "In space, no one can hear you scream." The website based its results upon four criteria: suitability, creativity, originality, and memorability.

Some films do not have a tagline at all, and instead choose to provide evocative images to convey the meaning, mood, symbolism, or setting of the film (i.e., Chinatown (1974)).

Some taglines are quite obscure, unrecognizable and forgettable.

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