Dating vintage traynor amps

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The column loudspeakers were designated "YSC-1" and two additional models were created: the "YSC-2" with fewer, larger drivers to obtain more low-frequency bass extension and the "YSC-3" which was a cut-down version of the YSC-1 for customers who needed a smaller loudspeaker.

Starting in 1965 with the Traynor Hi-Tone, a 2x12 test guitar amp (of which only two were ever made) Pete Traynor began experimenting with guitar amp designs.

We may have a super-fun personality, but we are incredibly serious about protecting your information.[An example is an] YBA-1A Bass Master Mark II [...] with the serial number M 601 [...] [whose] potentiometers date from 1968 [...] [and on which] 'Range Expander' is screened below the controls, not above.are coded as follows s/n: 1020629 First digit: Last digit of year of production (1 ^= 1971, 3 ^= 1973) Second and third digit: Month of production (01 ^= Jan., 11^=Nov.) Last four digits: Numbered unit produced within that year? It doesn't look as if anyone ever worked on this amp since it left the factory... The twin 6CA7 power tubes are RCA from the UK while 5 of the 6 pre tubes have the Rogers moniker stenciled on them. Production dates were 1968 to 1973, so this was a fairly early amp. As you can see by the chassis images, all wiring and components look original... Potentiometer dates are 6837 x 5 pots and 6825 x 2 pots. The amp likely went out the door in late Fall or early Winter 1968...