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It's not you, it's not me, it's them Firstly, though 36 You has remained silent on the issue, I think it's obvious that the developer didn't intend for its free dating sim to come loaded with such 'extreme' content.Indeed, the chat aspect of was only added via an update in August, and it seems likely the developer simply strapped on Sim Simi's chat engine without entirely realising the adult nature of the responses it could potentially deliver. There's no reason that, with its chat mode either stripped or refined, for a young audience, should Apple have caught it?We thought it would be cool to have something like that to find a sex From that brainstorm came Pure, a new app that brings the on-demand convenience of Uber or Seamless to the bedroom.On Pure, users designate their gender and the gender(s) of the people they’d like to sleep with, specify whether they are able to host or not, and are shown any other willing users in the surrounding area, each with an “Okay” or “No Way” prompt.Though it happened late in the year, this incident revived concerns over excessive violence in video games. But calls for regulation and studying of a possible link between games and violence went out again in the wake of the shooting., but not through instructions or tutorials, because the app is lacking in these areas.

responses are formulated by a third-party chat engine from Sim Simi that lets players contribute possible replies that, when the right trigger words are used, are pushed out to other users. The majority of its replies were as bizarre as they were amusing, making it easy to understand why a Tumblr blog capturing such hilarity had already taken off.The more alarming aspect, however, was that, as my interest in poking subsided, it became clear that even entirely innocent, almost dull questions could result in the game's chat bot delivering arguably extreme, explicit replies.As I suggested at the time, it's a system that's open to abuse, and it's of little surprise that Sim Simi's chat app itself often engages in bizarre and what some would consider offensive chat.The difference between the two apps is, Sim Simi is a chat bot that comes with an age rating of 17 that allows players to block and report explicit replies..